Body Shaping by Fat Cavitation

door_bannerAt aura skin care and laser our medical esthetician who are specially trained on fat cavitation machines which are using Ultrasonic & Diode laser technology based machines. For fat cavitation at aura we use Ultrasonic & Laser Fat cavitation non invasive technique that does NOT involve surgery – there is no need for any hospital stay or time off work. The treatment has some immediate results and  delivers further additional fat reduction within the week following the procedure.

We utilize a unique cavitation technology that allows for non-invasive combat against stubborn fat deposits that never seem to disappear regardless of your diet or how hard you work out. Unlike the well-known procedure called liposuction or tummy tuck,  ultrasonic cavitation & Laser fat cavitation is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment for cellulite, also known as localized adiposity. To obtain the best results it is highly recommended a fat cavitation therapy and whole Body viberation Session. These combined treatments intensify the final result.

The most problematic body areas are: abdomen, flanks (“love handles”), thighs (“saddle bags”), buttocks, inner knees, and upper arm, Your body can be contoured with no anesthesia, no scars, and no down-time


When low frequency ultrasound is applied to the local area being treated, the vibrations produce stable cavitation which in turn causes fat cell disruption. The liquefied cells are then metabolized by the liver and taken up in the lymphatic system and finally eliminated via the urinary system. Connective tissues, nerves, blood vessels and skin covering the area are not susceptible to the ultrasonic waves therefore remain undamaged. The net result is a reduction in the volume of fatty tissues located between the muscles and the skin.

Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation is a relatively new non-invasive procedure designed to reduce localized fat by applying safe levels of ultrasound energy via a hand held probe to a targeted area of subcutaneous fat. It is a body shaping procedure that works by breaking down deep stubborn local fat tissues which are subsequently disposed of through the lymphatic and urinary systems. It is also effective in reducing cellulite, a condition which affects most women over 20, whether slim or overweight. When applied in conjunction with Radio Frequency (RF), the heating and cavitation effects can also promote collagen realignment and as a result will tighten the skin and reduce wrinkles.

Thus the main benefits of ultrasonic fat cavitation are:

  • Body shaping and contouring
  • Skin tightening and toning
  • Cellulite reduction

The term ultrasound or ultrasonic vibrations refers to cyclic sound pressure with frequencies above that of ‘audible sound’ which normally means frequencies above 20kHz. The production of ultrasound is used in many different fields including metallurgy, acoustics and medical. Well known applications are in medical ultrasound (sonograph) to produce pictures of the foetuses in the womb, and in ‘fat cavitation’ where it breaks down fatty tissues.

(Ultrasonic Fat cavitation procedures operate between 40kHz – 1MHz, whereas ‘sound and navigation communication’ utilizes 20 to 100kHz and ‘medical ultrasound’ operate at much higher frequencies between 1 – 20 MHz).

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